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Have faith in Love

I used to host retreats at a hotel in Uganda, to teach kids who were interested about love and unification. One time, I met with the daughter of the hotel owner, called Linda.  She wanted to introduce me to her mother, because she got inspired when she saw the kids in the retreat being very attentive, and telling her how much they learned from it. Her mother was very happy to meet me for the first time.

Then, she shared with me her experience about love. She told me that she has eight kids, and each kid has different father, and all are rich men, but she did not find love with them. Just she felt that all men are the same, according to her experience from eight men, and she told me that she couldn’t agree that people have love.

Then I told her, I blame you. That’s ego ideas to say that all men are the same, and you can’t believe that people have love, yet you also have love, and you feel love. I told her that we all love, feel love, and we all need to be loved.

Then I asked he, “Do you encourage your daughter to follow your ideas, because people don’t have love?” She said, “NO” I asked her why? She said, “Because it’s a bad habit.”

I told her, You see?  As a mother you would like your daughter to have beautiful things, to teach her how to make good choices. That’s the reason why you don’t encourage her to believe what you believe. Then she told me, I agree with you and I hope the kids are learning a lot from you.