Storing Hope

Stories about love to restore hope in people's hearts


To make a difference in someone’s life


To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, Rich or perfect.

You just have to love and respect.

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My 38th Birthday

Hello my dear friends, August 15th I turned 38 years young! I would love to celebrate my birthday with you all.

I have a brief story for you all about celebrating my birthday. I first started celebrating my birthday when I was 25 years old. All the previous years I did not celebrate my birthday, because my budget was tight! I couldn’t afford to invite my friends to come and celebrate my birthday with me. I wanted to have a cake with them and some drinks, which cost money I didn’t have. But always I had a strong hope and desire that I will start celebrating my birthday with my friends one day.

Then, since I have started celebrating my birthday, each year reminds me that my desire became true. I really encourage you all, my friends, to keep your desire alive in everything you are doing. Don’t give up hope, keep working and expecting for good results. When we have faith and don’t give up, our desires will succeed in good time.


Why is it important to love?

Wilson and students

With love we can create and maintain friendship.

It’s important to love, because love heals. When you are facing hard challenges, your friend can stand with you in that challenge, and you feel secure because of his or her love.

It’s important to be close to each other, for example you can be more open with your friend than your biological brother or sister. For example, my friends know a lot about me than my parents.

It’s important to love, because people need our love.

It’s important to love, because love brings joy and happiness. Your friend can tell you a story, and each time when you think that story you feel his or her love.

Sometimes we make phone calls or writing to each other just to say hello to them to fulfill the desire of love.

It’s important to love. Much of the time we learn beautiful things from our friends. For example, we get positive advice, they can inspire us to be better, and show us what it means to care.

It’s important to love, because we learn how to be faithful with our friends. For example if you are faithful with your friend you feel compassion with him or her, sometimes we cry tears of joy because of love.

It’s important to love, and always we get solutions from our friends.  Two heads are better than one. For example one of my friends David Truman helped me by showing me what true love is, and how to love people well. I now live with good friends, and I am learning more about love everyday.

We feel strong because of friendship. For example, you feel proud when your friend is with you in a hard situation. When I lost my mother, my friends did a great work to help be strong, because the situation was hard.

It’s important to love, because it brings God close to you. As you know, we are the beloved children of him.

Love gives hope and reason to live.

It’s important to love, because it helps us to think positively. love brings positive thoughts in our minds.

It’s important to love, because we all have love, and we need to be loved.

It’s important to love, because love is the most important thing on this Planet. No matter whether you are rich or poor, love remains special. People buy beautiful things like cars, houses, but you can’t buy love.