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Learning from friends

I would like to share a correspondence that I have had with Asha, one of the students who attended the Unification classes I gave in Uganda. In these letters there are a lot of great examples of loving even when there are difficulties in friendships. Enjoy!

April 13, 2014

Asha told me that she had five friends and two of them separated from her, because they used to argue with her all the time. Then Asha shared the story with me and she was seeking advice from me what to do with her friends. Many people have similar problems, when they disagree with their friends, but don’t want to lose their friends.

You can read her letter and the advice I gave her below:

The letter from Asha: 

Asha to Wilson with Asha picture

My letter to Asha: 

Dear Asha,

Thank you so much for the wonderful letter. True, some people have different ideas and it doesn’t help to argue with them, just talk to them in a polite way when you see that they are not interested. Don’t argue with them. The best thing is to plant a seed, by your kindness, by your attention, and your love. If you show them that love exists, you are showing them that God exists, because God is love. With time they will understand and agree with you. And, when you are doing meditation send love to them.

Here is an example: my friend used to tell me to be open. I took some months to understand that I need to be open for the good of our relationship, and after a while I realized that I need to be open with her and my other friends. Since then we all understand each other, and I see much improvement in our relationship.

Remember, it was really a bit hard for me to accept that I need to be open. But the seed she planted grew in me. So, don’t argue, just plant seeds. I think other people are like me. It takes us time to accept new ideas. Just love them. Love has no limitation, no matter what.

Here is an assignment for you to do. Practice planting seeds in people instead of arguing. Then write to me and tell me your experiences, and what you are learning from them.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask Mummy Sara or me. We will be able to help you to answer your questions.