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Sharing the Cards for Living

True Love Card 2

One of the Cards for Living

A friend introduced me to the Cards for Living a couple of years ago. The cards contain wonderful, simple wisdom about living, and I was inspired to teach about them to various people.

At the time I was traveling around every week to teach about love, and I also shared about some of the cards in the schools and communities I visited. The people loved them a lot, and learned so much from them.

Here are some letters they wrote about what they got from the Cards for Living. (If you want to see them yourself, you can find them at And if you want to talk about them with me, I’d love to.

Letter from Madrine:


Thank you for your good, wonderful, useful, and exciting work on sharing the cards for living. They are interesting, educative and they make me to smile, and understand what I didn’t know, and learn more. From the freedom card I learned that I have powers to change everything in my life, and my freedom will always make me happy and smile and also will give people joy.

That’s wonderful things, isn’t it?

Do you know what’s funny is these cards have wonderful and attractive designs that attract people to read them. For my friend Haifah and my sisters too, all of them told me that they are wonderful and educative.

Thank you so much. These cards will change the world. As we learn from them we also teach others and those who pick something of what we are tell them, they will also teach others and that means it will go on like that from one person to another. As people teach others the cards will educate the world.

All my love,



Letter from Darison


I have gained a lot from the cards for living, I have learnt now how to love God and others, to be faithful to everyone, how to live near God, and good ways of pray. I want to see weather it’s true. Now to live near God and good ways of praying to God.

One day I prayed well as the cards teaches how to pray, I wanted to see whether it’s true. I was praying as if I was talking to someone near me. Those days I had problems. Yet even my friend Irene (who also studies the cards) had told me that if you’re praying don’t think that God is so far away from you, but feel that he is near with you. And after two days my problem was solved. 

God bless you.