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How I started teaching Unification and Meditation in Uganda.

A prayer partner introduced me to a simple meditation called Unification in February 2009. The practice is to simply sit quietly, and feel love, and give love. I was so happy with it, so I introduced Unification meditation to my other prayer partners and my neighbors.

And I thought, this is what the people of Uganda need! I see so many problems. How to solve them? Only love can solve them. For example, in Uganda, there is a kind of kidnapping. People steal kids and sell them for money. But if you love your neighbor as you love yourself, you can’t sell their kid! Maybe you see the kid a bit far from the house, and you say, “Let me take this kid to the family, where they’re supposed to be.” Because you have love. So when you spread the message of love to the whole world, people will stop kidnapping. It will not be happening.

Thinking this way, I was inspired to teach Unification,  primarily to the schoolchildren in Uganda, the future citizens and leaders of the world. I threw myself into teaching about love in schools and communities and counseling families with overwhelming success.

Unification class with Wilson

Unification class with Wilson

When I started teaching Unification in schools and communities, I shared about what I was doing with my friend, David Truman who was living in the USA, and he supported me in many ways to keep my mission ongoing.

I dedicated most of my time teaching love in different schools and communities in Uganda, for the mission of providing a lasting and effective solution to the many problems that are faced in Uganda and the whole world, through unselfish love.

I used to visit each school once a week, and within one year I had already made a big difference in the schools and communities. My strategy was to keep to keep on sharing love with them, then with time they can be responsible, and help others for the benefit of the whole world. I used to meet large number of students and adults and many lives of people transformed by love. Here is a photo of the kids doing meditation:

Kids doing Unification

Kids doing Unification

Here is page one of a booklet about Unification, the full downloadable PDF is underneath it.

Unification first page intro

First page of the Unification booklet

Full downloadable PDF:

Unification Instructions

If you’d like more information on this meditation, go to the Unification page on soul, where I learned about it.

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Teaching kids about love in Uganda

Teaching Unification

When I was in Uganda, I had four schools where I used to go and share with the students about love.

I used to visit each school once a week, and within one year I had already made a big difference on those four schools. Many students benefited from my teachings because they were lacking in awareness about love and when I started teaching them how to love, most of them started to be open with their friends and their families about their own challenges.

Some of their parents started appreciating me for the big difference I made to their kids. For example, the kids became more responsible in their families.

I feel proud of the mission I did in Uganda. The seed I planted in those students, it will keep growing in them. And those students will keep planting the same seed in their friends by sharing love in their families and with their friends.

You know people keep on moving from one place to another, which means my seed of love also will keep on moving with those kids in different countries and they will share it with other people.

Here is a link to the non profit website showing more information: WUTU – World Unification Team Uganda.

Below is a letter from one of the kids in Uganda. I include the original letter and below it a typed copy to help you read it.

Patience to Wilson


Hello Wilson,

Thank you for the let you sent me, because it gave me hope that life can really be interesting even though you are not done with education as long as you possess love in your heart.

Do you know that I had not realized that before? I confess that before in my life, I never beloved anyone not even myself. I hated my siblings, my dad and my family. I always got pissed, got angry with them and I could not care much about them. As long as they were alive I even prayed to God to let me be alone, far away from my family, friends and remain on my own.

That’s maybe because I always thought I had no purpose to them, I at times felt that I couldn’t fit in the family. I resented them and even thought my dad wasn’t my real one! However after your letter it made me think a lot and realize that in this world I have to possess love, love everyone not minding about the health, status or how that person looks like.

I have to love all people without discriminating. Wow!!! That’s so fun, loving is fun. I even learnt how to love my self, my family, my friends, God and everyone.

Thanks a lot for that letter bambi, because it really changed me. Really love drives this world. So I will let the world know about the advantages of loving, caring, and doing charity!!!! With God’s help, I know that I will succeed in this world, so rushing to complete my education is not better than loving.




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Have faith in Love

I used to host retreats at a hotel in Uganda, to teach kids who were interested about love and unification. One time, I met with the daughter of the hotel owner, called Linda.  She wanted to introduce me to her mother, because she got inspired when she saw the kids in the retreat being very attentive, and telling her how much they learned from it. Her mother was very happy to meet me for the first time.

Then, she shared with me her experience about love. She told me that she has eight kids, and each kid has different father, and all are rich men, but she did not find love with them. Just she felt that all men are the same, according to her experience from eight men, and she told me that she couldn’t agree that people have love.

Then I told her, I blame you. That’s ego ideas to say that all men are the same, and you can’t believe that people have love, yet you also have love, and you feel love. I told her that we all love, feel love, and we all need to be loved.

Then I asked he, “Do you encourage your daughter to follow your ideas, because people don’t have love?” She said, “NO” I asked her why? She said, “Because it’s a bad habit.”

I told her, You see?  As a mother you would like your daughter to have beautiful things, to teach her how to make good choices. That’s the reason why you don’t encourage her to believe what you believe. Then she told me, I agree with you and I hope the kids are learning a lot from you.


Why is it important to love?

Wilson and students

With love we can create and maintain friendship.

It’s important to love, because love heals. When you are facing hard challenges, your friend can stand with you in that challenge, and you feel secure because of his or her love.

It’s important to be close to each other, for example you can be more open with your friend than your biological brother or sister. For example, my friends know a lot about me than my parents.

It’s important to love, because people need our love.

It’s important to love, because love brings joy and happiness. Your friend can tell you a story, and each time when you think that story you feel his or her love.

Sometimes we make phone calls or writing to each other just to say hello to them to fulfill the desire of love.

It’s important to love. Much of the time we learn beautiful things from our friends. For example, we get positive advice, they can inspire us to be better, and show us what it means to care.

It’s important to love, because we learn how to be faithful with our friends. For example if you are faithful with your friend you feel compassion with him or her, sometimes we cry tears of joy because of love.

It’s important to love, and always we get solutions from our friends.  Two heads are better than one. For example one of my friends David Truman helped me by showing me what true love is, and how to love people well. I now live with good friends, and I am learning more about love everyday.

We feel strong because of friendship. For example, you feel proud when your friend is with you in a hard situation. When I lost my mother, my friends did a great work to help be strong, because the situation was hard.

It’s important to love, because it brings God close to you. As you know, we are the beloved children of him.

Love gives hope and reason to live.

It’s important to love, because it helps us to think positively. love brings positive thoughts in our minds.

It’s important to love, because we all have love, and we need to be loved.

It’s important to love, because love is the most important thing on this Planet. No matter whether you are rich or poor, love remains special. People buy beautiful things like cars, houses, but you can’t buy love.