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Love is the only solution

Love is the only solution for all problems. This was my experience when I was facing a hard life, because I was born in a poor family, and I was not able to live with my parents. But my mom taught me how to love and the importance of love, and I had nothing else. So I used love to solve all my problems.

For example, when I moved into the city of Kampala in Uganda, I bought a piece of property and the city approved my land and put the landmarks around, showing where my property ends.

After a few days, my neighbor crossed over my landmarks and started using three meters of my land. Three meters in the city is very expensive, someone can start a business on that piece of land.

I told my neighbor that he crossed the landmark and took part of my land. He didn’t agree with what I was saying and he insisted that he knew where the landmarks stopped. I thought about what I should do. I decided having a good relationship with my neighbor is more valuable than three meters of land. So I forgave my neighbor in my heart and did my best to be a good friend to him.

After 6 months he came to my house early in the morning, and he said, “I need to talk to you Wilson.” Then we moved out and we sat outside. He apologized to me and said, “I made a mistake to cross the landmarks. I see how good you are, so I’d like you to take back your three meters which I had stolen from you.” Then we hugged each other and we were very happy to be very close neighbors.

I solved that problem by using love, instead of taking him to court. Love was a much better solution. Even if I will be taking him to court, I can make him refund my land; but he will not stop being mean to other people, and he will not be happy with me. So, more problems would come. But people won’t mean things when they love each other.

I encourage you to use love to solve your problems too.

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Real life benefits of learning to love

When I was in Uganda I traveled to the local schools and taught the kids about love and Unification meditation, and many kids joined Unification groups at their school.

Irene Close up 2One of the most active members among those students who used to attend my Unification classes is a girl named Irene. She is very serious about learning to love. She is also doing a great work of sharing her experiences about love with her fellow students at school. I am still communicating with Irene and I’m so proud of her.

After I came to the USA Irene faced a challenge in her family. Irene doesn’t have parents, so she lives with her aunt. Her aunt’s husband didn’t like to have Irene living in the same house, and he argued a lot with Irene and made her unhappy. Still Irene used to share my teachings about love with her aunt, and that helped her aunt a lot because she was having difficulty with her husband who was being selfish.

One day the husband told Irene’s aunt that he wanted Irene to move away from the house, and said if she wouldn’t do that, he would move out.

Irene’s aunt did something very brave. She told him that Irene is not going anywhere, and said, “If you decide to move because of her, you better go away.” Then the man moved out and left their three kids with their mom.

That was hard for Irene’s aunt, but she was happy with her choice, because she realized that the man doesn’t have love—he was just being selfish. Since then Irene and her aunt started a new life together and Irene’s aunt asked me to keep communicating with her and sharing with her about commitment and love. I agreed to do that and we are still having wonderful communications up to this day.

Now Irene and her aunt are taking care of each other. Also Irene told me that they started putting my teachings into action, they do meditation together, and they are seeing a very big difference in their family.

Irene’s story is a good example of the benefit of love and Unification meditation for life. Many students benefited from my teachings because they were lacking in awareness about love. When I taught them how to love, most of them started to be open with their friends and their families about their own challenges. And their parents started appreciating me for the big difference I made to their kids. For example, the kids became more responsible in their families and also adults became more responsible than before.

You can see some of the students who were interested with Unification below:

St Charles students doing meditationunification class

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Teaching kids about love in Uganda

Teaching Unification

When I was in Uganda, I had four schools where I used to go and share with the students about love.

I used to visit each school once a week, and within one year I had already made a big difference on those four schools. Many students benefited from my teachings because they were lacking in awareness about love and when I started teaching them how to love, most of them started to be open with their friends and their families about their own challenges.

Some of their parents started appreciating me for the big difference I made to their kids. For example, the kids became more responsible in their families.

I feel proud of the mission I did in Uganda. The seed I planted in those students, it will keep growing in them. And those students will keep planting the same seed in their friends by sharing love in their families and with their friends.

You know people keep on moving from one place to another, which means my seed of love also will keep on moving with those kids in different countries and they will share it with other people.

Here is a link to the non profit website showing more information: WUTU – World Unification Team Uganda.

Below is a letter from one of the kids in Uganda. I include the original letter and below it a typed copy to help you read it.

Patience to Wilson


Hello Wilson,

Thank you for the let you sent me, because it gave me hope that life can really be interesting even though you are not done with education as long as you possess love in your heart.

Do you know that I had not realized that before? I confess that before in my life, I never beloved anyone not even myself. I hated my siblings, my dad and my family. I always got pissed, got angry with them and I could not care much about them. As long as they were alive I even prayed to God to let me be alone, far away from my family, friends and remain on my own.

That’s maybe because I always thought I had no purpose to them, I at times felt that I couldn’t fit in the family. I resented them and even thought my dad wasn’t my real one! However after your letter it made me think a lot and realize that in this world I have to possess love, love everyone not minding about the health, status or how that person looks like.

I have to love all people without discriminating. Wow!!! That’s so fun, loving is fun. I even learnt how to love my self, my family, my friends, God and everyone.

Thanks a lot for that letter bambi, because it really changed me. Really love drives this world. So I will let the world know about the advantages of loving, caring, and doing charity!!!! With God’s help, I know that I will succeed in this world, so rushing to complete my education is not better than loving.




If you’re interested to know more, feel free to comment.


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Disagreements in friendships

Asha, the student who I used to teach Unification classes in Uganda, wrote to me because she was wondering what to do when some of her friends had different lifestyles and different beliefs. Below is her letter and then my response.

Asha’s letter:

Asha to Wilson 2

My letter to Asha:

March 23, 2014

Dear Asha,

Thank you so much for the wonderful letter. I know dear you want your friends to be happy and agree with you. And understanding each other is also important in relationship.

When we are loving people those are the challenges we must face, and all our friends are not the same. Each individual has different idea. People especially have different ideas about God. When a person says “God does not exist,” what they mean, often, is that they do not agree with the common ideas about God. For example, that God is an old man, God is jealous, God is vengeful, etc. Many beliefs people have are reactions or misunderstandings. These things change slowly, but you can love them and SHOW them God’s love while never mentioning God’s name. In that way, you can heal them and when their pain or misunderstanding is healed, it will be easier for them to be open to new ideas.

My idea is that, love them and with time they will realize the truth.

When you love, you have to be open, avoiding blaming people and you don’t need to limit your relationship with them. For example, you must love all people.

The religions can’t separate us from love, love is open to everyone, protestants, Catholics non-believers etc. Our love is for everyone, and it is good for everyone. For example, when I was in Uganda I used to teach my neighbor about love, but she didn’t agree with me and she was against love. But still my message affected her. Now she is teaching love herself!  She writes to me, and she is sharing cards for living with people in her new city. Can you imagine?

Always, people make choices, and sometimes people change. Change is the fact of life! For example, I‘m changing a lot here. Sometimes I used to hurt my sweetheart, but when I realized that, I decided to change my old habits to stop hurting her.

Remember, each individual has love and he or she needs to be loved. No matter someone is poor or rich, stubborn or sweet all need love. I always tell people that love is more valuable than anything because no one can buy love. For example, people buy beautiful cars or houses, but no one can buy love. Love comes only from human hearts. You see?

With much love,


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Learning from friends

I would like to share a correspondence that I have had with Asha, one of the students who attended the Unification classes I gave in Uganda. In these letters there are a lot of great examples of loving even when there are difficulties in friendships. Enjoy!

April 13, 2014

Asha told me that she had five friends and two of them separated from her, because they used to argue with her all the time. Then Asha shared the story with me and she was seeking advice from me what to do with her friends. Many people have similar problems, when they disagree with their friends, but don’t want to lose their friends.

You can read her letter and the advice I gave her below:

The letter from Asha: 

Asha to Wilson with Asha picture

My letter to Asha: 

Dear Asha,

Thank you so much for the wonderful letter. True, some people have different ideas and it doesn’t help to argue with them, just talk to them in a polite way when you see that they are not interested. Don’t argue with them. The best thing is to plant a seed, by your kindness, by your attention, and your love. If you show them that love exists, you are showing them that God exists, because God is love. With time they will understand and agree with you. And, when you are doing meditation send love to them.

Here is an example: my friend used to tell me to be open. I took some months to understand that I need to be open for the good of our relationship, and after a while I realized that I need to be open with her and my other friends. Since then we all understand each other, and I see much improvement in our relationship.

Remember, it was really a bit hard for me to accept that I need to be open. But the seed she planted grew in me. So, don’t argue, just plant seeds. I think other people are like me. It takes us time to accept new ideas. Just love them. Love has no limitation, no matter what.

Here is an assignment for you to do. Practice planting seeds in people instead of arguing. Then write to me and tell me your experiences, and what you are learning from them.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask Mummy Sara or me. We will be able to help you to answer your questions.