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What’s it all about?


What’s it all about?

Answer: Keep positive thoughts out and then allow God’s presence work in you!

What do you think my dear readers?



10 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

  1. Wait a minute! What? That’s deep and I do not comprehend. Please help me to see/understand this….

    Keep the positive thoughts out. (Keep them out?)

    Isn’t it part of God’s presence, working in us, that helps to bring forth those lovely positive thoughts, which puts that smile upon our faces?
    Perhaps I am over-thinking this. 😀 Thank you…..


    • You got the point; sometimes we try to do things without thinking that God can help us and always find the results. Maybe we forget that we are children of God? Or we think that we can do everything we want without his guidance. All of the things I have mentioned above, answer is that to keep positive thoughts and allow God to do his work. Thank you for being open!

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  2. Agree positive is key. A great super power for sure. Enjoying your posts.


  3. This works for me, every time in God’s perfect timing. I still need reminders. Thank you!


  4. Inspiring. Sending you many smiles. Lots of snow here in Uk today.


  5. Yes Wilson,
    So true & somehow recently ‘lost touch’ with things and really need to return to weekly religious practice. Covid 19 makes this experience different I know but I need to return to my nearby village church where parent’s graves are & I know people. Where I live now 3 miles away from village church the church is only around the corner but somehow is not the same.


  6. Margaret, you’re in my prayers always! I know you have a beautiful heart and all the decisions you’re making has an impact on people’s lives. Bless your heart


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