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Chicken Project for Jewelry Makers


Dear Friends,

Here are some of things that have been keeping me busy in Africa (Uganda).
As you may be aware, I have friends who make Jewelry in some vulnerable communities in Uganda. However, their businesses are not profitable enough to help them meet their living expenses. So, when I came to Uganda I decided to find a way to support them.

I helped them build a chicken coup and bought them 300 chicks (200 for meat and 100 for eggs); now they have a poultry project. Also I gave them a simple and affordable system of managing the chicken using locally available resources.
For brooding, I bought two sacks of charcoal and six clay pots for warming the chicks instead of using electrical heaters. I also got six bags of chicken mixed food, corns for drinking water, and two bags of coffee shells to avoid direct contact with the ground plus one hoe and a shovel, gloves, feeding boards for chicks, one bucket of disinfectant (liquid soap) for cleaning the chicken coup.

The 200 chicks for meat are white in color and 100 for eggs are brown. They will be raising the chicks for meat and will be ready for market within 90 days then they can buy more to sustain the business. At the same time they will be selling eggs too. It will therefore be an ongoing project for the benefit of the jewelry makers and they are so happy to have a new opportunity for their livelihoods.


30 thoughts on “Chicken Project for Jewelry Makers

  1. Awesome “business” idea! That’s fantastic that on one hand, they can live from it and even raise more for a growing income. It is a well you opened up for them. Congratulations, Wilson!

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  2. Great project and thanks to you for creating hope to all those jewelry makers!


  3. Amazing work in Uganda, Wilson. Hopefully this chicken project works out and the locals can get back to doing what they love alongside that.


  4. What a chance you have given them. Hope it works out well for them.


  5. When I was a child growing up in the state of Texas, chickens were common fare. My mother never asked us children to help with the slaughter, but we did have to pick the feathers and cut up the birds. Being the idealist that I was, I used to love to sit with the chicks and let them snuggle into my hands and folds of my clothes. When they got to be hens, we enjoyed the eggs and only used the roosters for meat. I had a hard time letting go of the hens when they quit laying. They were my friends.


  6. So they make jewelry, and now they are raising, eating and selling chickens. They have diversified! Thanks to you!
    I am impressed with them, and with you.
    Be well my friend and keep on doing what you’re doing.


    • Thank you for the supportive comment with full of courage, I came back to the USA and I have been in touch with them they are proud of their business because jewelry were not making money!


  7. Your practical act of kindness will help these ladies extend their diligence and abilities to become self sustaining entrepreneurs. I believe that entrepreneurship may be a way out of poverty. With a project comes a vision, and a vision always gives hope. “Where there is no vision, the people perish”
    I have always encouraged food gardening. A packet of spinach can start a community garden, that will help with poverty alleviation. Perhaps these ladies could have a spinach patch too – and use the chicken manure (diluted in water) to grow healthy organic vegetables. I am sure they are going to become, in time, a successful enterprise.
    Amazing what one act of kindness can do ? Well done !


    • Thank you so much for the courage and for sharing your experience with me. I love your idea of gardening, I’m sure they would love it. I loved it already!!! I will share with them so that I can find out how we can expend their business.


  8. Oops, I meant to say a packet of spinach seeds ….. can start a community garden.
    Another thought on using the chicken manure is to start a chicken-compost-making project. “Feeding the soil, to feed the plants, to feed the people” !!
    Kindness lights the spark of innovation to progress !


    • I got it your point. I really appreciate your thoughts and they are really wonderful. I moved here to Oregon, but I keep in touch with them more often. Thank you again for the knowledge you’re sharing with us. Bless your heart!


  9. Thank you for sharing heart touching post.


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