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Going to Uganda!


Dear Friends,

I’m sorry for being quiet; it has been awhile without posting anything on my blog! But now I’m back again. And I have news: I’m planning to travel to Uganda soon. I haven’t been back there for almost 4 years.

I will be traveling there on April 8th 2017. I will stay for long enough to see my family members, my friends, and spend time with the many people I love there. While I am there I plan to visit the young people I met when I traveled to schools in Kampala teaching the kids about love and friendship. Now they are growing up and we have a lot of new things to share and learn from each other. I will be busy, and help other people as much as I can during my stay there. Then I will come back with my 12 year old son when his visa is approved.

Some people have asked they could help by giving some money for my trip. If you would like to help support my projects for people in Uganda, that would help a lot. Your contribution will be making a very big difference to many people in Uganda.

To contribute, please use the donate button on this page. Thank you for your support.

Always love,


19 thoughts on “Going to Uganda!

  1. Hi Wilson, I got your email and wanted to stop by to say hello and to wish you safe travels.


  2. All the best for your journey Wilson!


  3. Have a fabulous time in Uganda.


  4. That’s great Wilson! Is nice for you to go back to visit I know how it is to live far away from your family mine is in Italy and I haven’t went back in 15 years my parents did visit me here several times during the years! I wish a great trip and that you can bring your son with you! Wish you well spread love in the world you’re a nice soul! 🙂


  5. Hello. We may have had some disagreements in the past, but I hope that is over. Thank you for enjoying my blog. Have a safe visit back home.


  6. Welcome back Wilson and please have a safe and happy journey. So great you will be with your son. 😊


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