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Solving Family Conflicts


Recently my friend told me about a situation she going through with her uncle and Her dad. Both have been sharing the same property they got from their dad before he passed away. My friend wrote and told me that her uncle burned the sugarcane field of her dad! All the family members are affected by that situation he created.

When I heard that, I meditated for a solution and came up with an idea of writing to the one who lost his field and sharing my thoughts with him, to help him handle that situation without creating more conflicts. Here are the thoughts I shared with him:

I know you lost your field of sugar cane and it has been part of your income, but don’t sue your brother for that mistake he made, because that is just continuing the conflict, and no good can come from conflict. What your brother did was wrong. He did it in anger, without thinking what is the result. That was a mistake. In time, he will calm down and will recognize the mistake he made to set fire in your field. He will see how your family and friends are affected by that mistake, which can help his soul to recognize that mistake.

Taking him to court or doing something physical will make him feel defensive, but solving the problem without anger and punishment will help him see things more clearly in time. Divide the land and then you can avoid future conflict. It is difficult to share property with a man who has such a bad temper. So this is the time for you to divide your property from him.

Invite the Local Council and present your agreement, which shows that you have authority to take your part because your father gave that property to both of you. The agreement is going to help you guys to divide your property, and everyone will have his boundary to avoid future conflicts.

Many people make mistakes because of anger! But after a while their mind calms down and they start recognizing the mistakes they made. So your brother will recognize that mistake himself, or maybe he is already starting feeling that in his heart, just he is afraid to ask you for forgiveness. I’m sure he feels in his heart that he made a mistake. Finally, when he can admit his mistake, it can help him to learn how to control his anger.

Please, try as much as possible to avoid giving him a hard time, even if it hurts you, and help your family members understand this, so they can do the same. Because if your family members give your brother a hard time, the conflicts will keep coming. This is the best way you can use to handle that situation, and it will help you to deal with other people too. Because the world is full of challenges.

I’m sure your sugar cane will grow up again and continue sustaining your family. And you can be sure there will be no conflict, because you will be having your own property.

The important thing is to bring harmony, because conflict only creates more conflict. When someone makes a mistake, we shouldn’t make the same mistake. I hope my thoughts about this will help other people too.

26 thoughts on “Solving Family Conflicts

  1. Sound advice, especially what you said about dividing the land. I hope he listens to you because family is important.

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  2. I really appreciate what you said here. I love that you presented a solution that not only showed love and forgiveness, but also provided a way for the man to ensure that his family would not suffer in the future. I think it is often harder to forgive when someone hurts a loved one than when we ourselves are hurt. And is important to actually handle the situation so that we can act in love and not fear of being hurt again.

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  3. That was very nice and sound advice! I hope he took it to heart and listened.


  4. Hi Wilson I nominated you for this Awesome Award! I love the reasons behind it!


  5. You are absolutely right Wilson in that no one wins in conflict. One person may feel triumphant for a minute but it’s at the expense of the other individual. You’re a great mediator.

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  6. This is an excellent blog and so true. Nothing good comes from unresolved conflict and greater love can come from mediation. You are a good soul – especially appropriate on All Saints Day.


  7. Excellent suggestion. I hope they implement your counsel. Strife can only be met with strife. But compassion and love will drown the angry flames. It is hard to do, but it should be acknowledged that it was engendered by hurt. Obviously the young man needs some care, some affection, a lesson of acceptance. Good sharing, friend.

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  8. Yes two wrongs do not make a right Wilson and to respond in vindictive revenge is very wrong as you shared Wilson.

    God does not tell us it’s wrong to have anger but He does say do not sin in it, anger is an emotion but we must resolve it and not hold onto bitterness and resentment or seek revenge just as you rightly said Wilson, yes there is good anger too, we remember Jesus and Paul had righteous anger and so does God, He hates all evil and speaks against it and we must too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne

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  9. Great read and advice. Has the angry brother seen the error of his ways yet? I’d love to hear that your advice was taken and that the situation has found a peaceful resolution! 😉


  10. Admire you for how you stepped up to the plate to write this letter to mediate. The world needs more people like yourself.
    We live in a day of age, where no one wants to get involved, but in many circumstances things would greatly improve if we would.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  11. What a beautiful thing…I admire you!

    Thanks for sharing!



  12. Beautifully written. A very important message. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!

    Sometimes, we may struggle, but acting in the opposite spirit can really help deflate a horrible tense situation.

    Great post 🙂

    Miss Lou


  13. Such wisdom! You have a good heart Wilson and an infectious smile. Bless you! I would like to know if he took your advice or how it all went. Perhaps it’s early days. I’m nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award.


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