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Life challenges


In life we all face a lot of challenges and each challenge helps us to move forward! By considering things in a big picture we will find a solution for our daily life challenges. Each challenge has a new message or lesson for us to move forward, and it’s part of life.

For example, a friend disappointed me by forgetting something that was important to me. It was a challenge for me, but I didn’t want to reinforce my negative feelings. So I started thinking about how much my friend cares for me and how close we are with each other. I ended up feeling their love instead of feeling disappointed. I became very happy, with very good feelings about my friend.

Then I got to know that our friendship is much more important than the individual events of life. When something disappointing happens, we decide it means something very sad about our relationship, and it’s not true. But it took me some hours to recognize that. It was a challenge, but I learnt something from it.

I’m not trying to say that disappointment is a good thing, but when it happens accept that you can learn something from it.

All the challenges I have been facing are helping me to lift up my consciousness from one step to another step. You know, challenges can be part of our growth, people don’t realize it, but it’s true.

If you have any similar experience please bring it out so that we can share our daily life challenges with others.

32 thoughts on “Life challenges

  1. It is true what you wrote, Wilson. Disappointments should motivate us to look deeper or to see what more is behind it. Every painful experience shows us something about ourselves. Because it only is painful because there is something to be discovered. Also such situations as you described it with your friend should make us see the whole picture. A friendship is so much more than one single happening. Great post, Wilson 🙂

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  2. Without challenges, how would we grow, how would we learn? Every aspect in life is a learning experience – every friendship and/or relationship is a learning experience and growth in progress. Take me for example, by being a Cancer Survivor – I have learned a lot about people, health, friendship, family, life, and love. The Enlightenment of Cancer I say. 🙂 Ah, the Enlightenment of Life! There you have it hun, great post.

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    • I really agree with you, we are always learning a lot of things from challenges. And we learn from seeing how other people handle their challenges. For example, if my friend’s father responds with love and patience instead of anger and reaction, it will show something great to his whole family. Also, your example is real and important for other people to learn from it. You touched my heart, for sure. Thank you for sharing your experience with others. God bless.


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    • Thank you so much for supporting my mission of love by reblogging my post. I am glad my post made you happy, and you did something important by sharing your happiness with others. I hope many people appreciate you for it.


  4. I’m sure any challenges I’ve faced are very different from yours, but that doesn’t matter, because as you said, challenges help us grow. Your post was excellent and insightful.

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  5. Indeed, challenges helps us grow but only if we contemplate and look at it in a positive way…if we look at it as something where we will learn and we may end up more mature…people…family and friends usually disappoints us as we may disappoint them too…it is always a good time to see things on their perspective but it is hard if at that time we are hurt but love should always takes precedence…they say, it is better to build a bridge than to put up a wall. Keep loving! Great post my friend 🙂 God bless to you!

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  6. Thank you! Just remembered a friend’s birthday, it’s today:-)


  7. One of my favorite quotes of all time touches on this. In Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Christo the count says, “There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.”

    I always remember this when I feel disappointed. Without experiencing pain, I couldn’t experience real happiness. And worse, I wouldn’t be able to empathize with the pain of others.

    Thank you for a wonderful post!


    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with other people. I appreciate your positive attitude about challenges. You are right. Difficult experiences help us appreciate the good times, and help us understand the suffering of others.

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  8. It’s also good to remember, as your blog so eloquently reminds us, we are a community of fellow humans. Each of us has a story to tell but sometimes I think we get so caught up in our own life we forget the challenges of others. We truly are interconnected. Good post as always Wilson.


  9. This is such a good topic for discussion for all us have been disappointed and can certainly relate. I think there is a fine line between being disappointed and deeply hurt disappointment. Therein is where you have to search your own heart and ask for Christ to give you forgiveness when you don’t “feel” like forgiving, and to forget, when you don’t feel “like” forgetting. One of the things that helps me to determine if it needs to be thrown to the wind or upon the decision of HOW am I going to handle this table is to ask myself the question , “Will how I handle this make a difference in the lives of others” and “Will how I handle this effect my life in five years ? ”
    I admire you for the way you handled your situation and the state of your heart, that made you want to deal things through the eyes of love instead of revenge. Blessings, my friend. Debbie


  10. Wilson thank you for checking out my blog and liking my article on Objectification. It gave me the opportunity to visit your blog and experience such kind, wise words from the heart. Challenges are opportunities to learn and grow. Life is meaningless without them.

    Sending you love, peace, and warmth.


  11. Our challenges are truly our life lessons and the greater the challenge, the greater the lesson will be. There is always a reason for all the things that happen in life =)


  12. Love how you taken this negative situation and turned it into something positive. And just as important you take this as a learning experience in order to grow and become a better human being. Blessings! 🙂


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