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If all people in this world can learn how to share things with others, I’m sure the world will be a better place.

The world is becoming harder and harder each day, but cooperation can help people to stay together and have less worries.

I have been in touch with the jewelry makers in Kosovo Community in Uganda (mentioned in my last blog) and talking with them about how to cooperate by sharing things with each other and doing things together, and they have already started cooperating with each other.

For example, if they need to buy things from the market, all of them do not go to the market. Just they send one person to go and purchase things for all of them. That helps them to minimize the cost of transportation. Otherwise everyone will be paying for transport to go to the market for shopping. I’m so happy because they are putting my advice into action, and it is helping them.

Everyone can promote cooperation wherever he or she lives so that we can help the world. When people cooperate and share what they have, it helps them to spend less and still live well. And it helps them be happy with each others.

Cooperation is love in action, but without cooperation, people can become afraid and greedy when times are hard. For example, when people receive funds to help orphans, they use those funds in a different way! By building their own beautiful house or buying an expensive car. They are doing that, because of lack of cooperation.

This is a very big project and I know we can help many people, because life is going to be very hard in the future. Cooperation is a way of preparing for the future, because you can see where the world is heading now days!

We all need to work together for a better world. If you have any experiences about cooperation or ideas how to promote cooperation, I’d like to hear them.

We all need to work together for a better world. If you have any experiences about cooperation or ideas how to promote cooperation, I’d like to hear them.IMGP3486 Pic

45 thoughts on “Cooperation

  1. I so hope that you will get lots of support with this post and I hope that your guest post on my blog will be of help too!!! You are an admirable person, Wilson! Thank you for all you do!

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  2. Community is a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable future here on earth. The ongoing efforts to destroy it, both covert and openly publicised, are to be strenuously resisted.

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  3. I agree with you and I love your pictures.


  4. I have just read this on my good friend Erika’s blog. What a fantastic and uplifting message you spread. I so agree that love and unity can conquer most of the Worlds problems and cooperation and acceptence are the keys to it all.
    Thankyou so much for this wonderful post.


  5. You know that is so true, I think we know how to share with each other but most of us don’t, because that will make us equal to one another.


  6. Wilson, I’ve said it before and it bears repeating – You are an amazing person and I’m so glad that we’ve connected. Great post.


  7. Hello Wilson, will you spread more information about the Kosovo Community in Uganda? That way we can get more background on them to help. Thank you.

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  8. Thank you, WilsonAgaba. It is so true, we do need cooperation. But why did you say, ”life is going to be harder in the future?” That is also true. I just want to know what you think. Take care.


    • Thank you so much for asking me. Every day life is becoming harder, so in the future, life will be much harder than today. For example, when I was young my mom used to tell me about how hard life is. Until now things never improved, difficulty just keeps rising up. The population keeps growing, and there is a lot of competition for jobs and other things.

      Look, how people are suffering; in Africa we have only two classes of people. The rich people and poor people! We don’t have middle class, and this is a very big problem in the whole world today. That’s the reason why I said that the life is going to be harder in the future. Is my point making sense?
      Cooperation is better than competition when times are hard.

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  9. Beautiful post Wilson you are doing an amazing job to help and inspire others I see it comes straight from your beautiful heart and soul. You are right cooperation it is one of the keys to make this world a better place everywhere have people to help one another with love. A great cooperation idea is to share fresh food! People can volontair work to help to small farmers in exchange of Fruit, vegetables fresh food, trade it is also a great way to support maybe some of these ideas can work to help people in your country. I think if we all would start some co-op everywhere would help tons of people to be more healthy and happy! Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  10. I didn’t know that Africa had only two classes. But you did say that things are changing even though it will get harder in time. Well, people here in America feel that way and it is true. For every step forward there’s a step backward. We’ve fought for everything in America and they’ve restricted voting. Schools are still segregated no matter what law is on the books.

    I like a lot of what Mr. Bernie Sanders says. He’s running for office here in America. He mentioned how a small country like Denmark are doing. They all have health care, they make higher wages because the people are paying for those changes.

    People here in America brag about our democracy. They blame everything wrong on President Obama when he has made some darn good changes. But he has to fight republicans for everything good. They hate him because he’s black more than anything.

    Now, we have someone like Trump who says anything because he knows people like hate groups will back him. It’s the same thing when Trump ran the last time. He said Obama wasn’t born here and all that stuff about show us your birth certificate. It was awful. Obama didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. And they still don’t believe he was born here and they still don’t believe he’s a Christian. No matter what Obama says or does those people won’t stop hating him.

    Now, Africa has been in trouble for a long time. Even though some Africans fought against Europeans, it wasn’t enough because the other Africans sold our people to those Europeans. That’s how slavery started. But you won’t read about that in general school books. All they say is that slaves came from west Africa. Now, slavery has been on every continent, in every country. Even today there is slavery. They take young girls and boys and sell them all over the world. It’s so bad that it’s become an epidemic. People and the law fight against it, but more should be done.

    I know this has been very long, but I had to speak my mind through words. In the meantime, I’ll check online to get more help for the bead project. Thank you. Take care.


  11. You are doing something great, Wilson. I hope you never get tired of doing what you do. It’s inspiring. Cooperation is love in action indeed. Have a blessed week!


  12. It is great to read that cooperation are working so well in your part of our world.
    Here in Spain there are many cooperative companies and not all are so good. To join those cooperatives demand that you have a lot of money to give in and much more each year, as not always seem to be fair. The economical abundance don’t always fit into so much.


    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with other people. Nowadays things are becoming harder due lack of cooperation. I really agree with you, to join cooperative companies it can be hard. Because, you have to pay the membership fee and some people can’t afford that money! Which makes the life to be hard.

      The cooperation I recommended to the jewelry makers in Kosovo is different than the cooperative companies. It is friends and neighbors getting together and sharing things. It’s individuals helping each other, not a company. So the problem is not a membership fee. The problem is people are not used to sharing. For example, a person who has $5 doesn’t want to share with another one who has $2, because that person thinks that is making a loss. He has less money from sharing, but he has more ideas, more support, more energy, because he joined with another person.

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  13. Hi, I added more information on the Kosovo Community and Uganda. You know, some of us rarely see any pictures about the other side of Africa. So, I included a picture of modern Uganda. We all need help in life. Thank you.


    • Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing of sharing my blog with other people. I really appreciate you for the additional details you gave people about Uganda. I hope all details you contributed to the readers will help people care more about the situation of the people in Uganda. Thank you once again for your support.


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