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Paper beads business


When I was in Uganda I helped a group of women who were making jewelry and handmade crafts. My role was marketing their business in different areas, but since I moved to the United States I canโ€™t do that any more. So it affected their business. Still I keep in touch with them and share ideas about their business of making crafts, because it is the main source of their income.

I have been sharing ideas with them how to promote their business because their expenses are high, but their income is low! I talked to one of my friends here in America about their challenges of marketing their business, and she gave me idea of promoting their business on my blog. Maybe there some people who are interested to support their business in one way or another.

Here are pictures of some of the jewelry and other crafts they make. They also make grass mats in different colors and different sizes.

For more information please, contact me on Together we can improve their lives.

Wooden necklace set (curved from light wood) Red earrings (made from hard paper-calenders magazines) Red bangle (made from hard paper-calenders, magazines) One of the women exhibiting their products at a fair Multi-color multi-beads long neckles. Jewelry storage backet-Brown (made using nylon strings& banana fibre) Horn Pendulum (curved from horn of a cow) Hard sisal bag (made from sisal, bundled with wooden and plactic beads) Flower vesse(made using banana fibre nylon threads)-1 Blue tablemats Black & White crowns A hat made out of palm leaves 3-Strand (black)

32 thoughts on “Paper beads business

  1. Hi Wilson. I haven’t seen you in a while. Don and Blair so look alike. And it’s nice that you’re trying to help others with their craft. You may try Amazon. May I post the information on my blog?


  2. What a noble gesture!! Hats off to you Mr. Wilson! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this Wilson! When my aunt went to Uganda a few years back on a mission trip, she brought back a couple of beautiful baskets. The craftmanship is superb and I love all kinds of jewelry. You’ll be hearing from me via email.


  4. Such beautiful work! I particularly like the baskets.



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  7. This is so great! It’s awesome that you are helping these women. My aunt works with an organization called Africare and she gave me and my sister some of these beads. (they are like the brightly colored ones in the picture above.) They are so pretty! And it’s so good to know that these beautiful crafts go towards helping people in need. Great post, Wilson! You’re making a big difference in the lives of others! ๐Ÿ˜€


  8. How kind and generous of you, Wilson. These women are quite talented. Beautiful work. I love the basket. ๐Ÿ˜€


  9. What beautiful handiwork. I wish I knew of a way to help you help them. You have such a wonderfully kind heart. I hope that a door opens to help these ladies.


    • Thank you for being kind too. I came up with idea of posting their jewelry on my blog for the purpose of finding a way support them, but it’s hard! And shipping is so expensive, maybe people would be able to buy their jewelry. This is also a challenge in their business.

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  10. This would be something fantastic to share with the world! I look forward to hearing more!


  11. Hi Wilson, I love paperbeads ( after I bought some in a church sale from a Ugandan choir and had trouble finding them on the internet. I did find some but they were form Kenya. Why don’t you check out “Tearfund”, a Christian organisation who sells stuff on the internet and the craftsmen get the price we pay here without a middleman. They are having craft sold form all over the world. Check it out. All the stuff here on the pictures look fantastic!


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