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How to control anger


I had a conversation with a young man; he shared with me about his anger. He told me that he broke his arm two times since he was born. The first time his mom made him annoyed, then he punched the wall and broke his arm! After some years, also his sister made him mad. Again he punched the wall and broke his arm for the second time.

He told me that sometimes when people made him mad, he feels like wants to punch the wall or anything which is in front of him! He asked me, “What should I do to avoid that habit, Wilson?” I told him do not allow the anger to drive you. You have the power to control your anger, okay? For example, when someone makes you mad, and you feel that you want to punch anything around you, you have a choice. You can move away and think about other things, which can help your mind to calm down. He understood and agreed with me.

Then the following week someone made him mad. Immediately he moved away and he felt different and he did not punch anything! Afterward he went back and said sorry to that person who was making him mad.

When he shared with me that story, I said to him, “Good job! Keep that spirit.” We all laughed. It feels so good to control our own minds and feelings.

10 thoughts on “How to control anger

  1. You’re making a positive impact Wilson.


  2. Wilson that’s a very good post, and you are doing such a great job on helping others to understand their feelings! On this post about the anger you gave a very good advice! Self control it is one of the most iportant things to apply, in many life situations you need self control! And yes being capable to walk away from a negative situation at the right moment it is something very important to learn how to do it! Keep up with your great work! 🙂


  3. Thank you for this article. Anger can be a useful tool when channeled correctly. It tells us when we need to take action to change something. But as you showed in your example, it can be very hurtful too. It’s all about reflection, as you so rightly pointed out.


  4. Interesting blog! Hope & love – very much needed in today’s world.


  5. Interesting my brother Wilson! Keep impacting lives, one soul at a time.

    Mastering your emotions is a great achievement. It makes you wise.

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    • Thank you so the wonderful comment. I was inspired to share my stories with people, so they can be inspired to master their emotions, create good relationships, and work for the good of their friends. I am not special. Anything I have done, the people can relate to and also do it.

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