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Story about Doubt


I had a conversation with one of the students in Uganda about doubting, and I realized many people will be interested to hear about this challenge.

I asked her if she has a boyfriend? She said, “Wilson you’re funny! This is not the time for boys to mess with my life.” I knew that this student had her heart broken by a boy before, and I saw that she is afraid in her heart to try again. So I said to her that I want to talk to her a little more about boys. This is what I explained to her, maybe it will help others too.

Sometimes a person doesn’t want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend because of many reasons. One of the reasons is to avoid getting heartbroken. For example, a girl had a relationship with John and it didn’t work. Then later she had another one with Deo and it doesn’t work either. So she felt heartbroken by those two relationships, and you know how much it hurts. She wants to avoid being hurt again. This is common problem in relationships.

When people want to avoid being hurt, sometimes they end up saying that all men are the same, or all men are irresponsible, which is not true. They say that to cool their interest in boys. And they end up creating doubt in their hearts and fearing to be in a relationship anymore! Just they keep doubting and being afraid to love. Yet some men and women are faithful and responsible for their lovers. It is not right to blame them for the irresponsibility of the others.

Doubt and fear are dangerous. They hurt, too. For example, if you tell someone, “I love you,” the person who has doubt in his or her mind will answer you, “REALLY???” Instead of saying, “I love you too.”

When you put honey in your tea, you can’t take it back. It becomes part of your tea. Like that, when you doubt, it spreads in your mind and heart and becomes part of the way you think, until you are a doubtful person. But then you will have a sad life, because you will be afraid to live, and afraid to love.

Some people are ready to have a good relationship and others not, but it doesn’t mean that all people are bad, or all relationships will hurt. You see? So it’s good to take your time to get to know someone, don’t rush into relationship, but always keep hope and desire alive. Remember that many men are good and responsible for their lovers. And many women too. Always keep that positive spirit in your mind.

28 thoughts on “Story about Doubt

  1. Taking your time to get to know some one, to be friends first, is always a good idea. It’s not always easy. I was cynical after divorce and rebound relationships. It was good for me to take a break. Then I thought about, and made lists about, what I wanted in a partner. I turned that list over to God, who wants us to be happy, but is much wiser than me. I focused on working on being my best self as and individual. When the time was right, the right person came to me.


  2. That was a wonderful post, Wilson. I agree with you. When doubt creeps in it is a destroying force. Also we cannot prevent ourselves from being hurt only by trying not to fall in love… that simply happens. We should learn to enjoy what is given to us, and appreciate it gratefully as long as we have it, which means: cherish the moment. If we do so perhaps we even won’t get hurt anymore since our attitude is most supportive.


    • Thank you so much for the beautiful comment, there is love and beautiful teachings in your comment. It is true what you say. How can we avoid pain by avoiding loving? It hurts to live without loving. Also, it hurts when we doubt. To have a supportive attitude we need to give up doubt.

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  3. Loved this post. A good reminder for a culture shifted and focused on doubt. We teach our children to doubt everything. There’s always an agenda. People are out for themselves and etc., etc. It’s a good reminder of the devastation doubt can play in our outlook on life. Thank you.


    • True! For example, a parent tells her daughter that in our family we don’t get married for many reasons. Then the kid will have that doubt in her heart, yet is not true. She could have a good marriage! Also, it is common to create doubts by saying I can’t love, I can’t trust, yet you can do those things – but not if you believe your doubts.

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  4. I like your positive attitude and I know in my head you are right but sometimes my heart doesn’t agree and I am afraid to try again, heartbreak really hurts….


    • My comment: OK
      I totally agree with you, heartbreak is a big challenge. No one likes that. But it is important to not give up on life! Here is the most important advice which can help you: You are one person, you don’t have two parts. You said that your head agreed, but your heart is still afraid to try again. Let your heart work together with your head. Let doubt and fear go. Do what you know is right, don’t give in to fears. You have the power to transcend your fear and be happy. Then you can feel peace in your mind, which can help you to handle that problem. You are not alone, God is happy when you are happy.


  5. Wilson, I do love the way you think. Great post. I’m sure it will help lots of people.


  6. This is so true! A lot of people have doubts based on past experiences. It can be very easy to block out people, but you miss all kinds of great opportunities to have a great life when you do that. We always have to remember that God loves us and that is all that matters. We can have no doubt when we trust his love because it is true. Great post, Wilson!

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    • The power of love is strong in you! I really agree with you, doubt holds us back from loving. Thank you for sharing with others how you overcome doubt. Doubt is a challenge for everyone, your advice is good.


  7. What a great conversation you had with your friend. When people talk about love, they often talk about heartbreak. They are two sides of the same coin and it hurts to have your heart broken, I also know this well. When it feels overwhelming, I hand it over to God because he will help me. Fearing and doubting will not get us far but love will and it takes time to get there. Thank you for sharing your story.


    • Thank you so much for sharing with your experience, I really agree with you doubt will not get us far! But the power of love is strong even though it takes time to create a better friendship with someone. Love always requires consistency and commitment, and God gave us those qualities. Just we need to put them into action.

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  8. And thank you for liking my blog! 🙂


  9. Hi Wilson!
    My oldest daughter avoids relationships with boys for fear of getting her heart broken.
    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I’m glad you liked my guest post about procrastination.
    I’m sorry I’m not home to throw the Linky party I know you often attend. I will be back in time for the last Monday linky party of the month.
    Nice to see you again. Thanks again for dropping by.


  10. Thank you for this post Wilson. You are so right. There are so many people afraid to trust and love again.


  11. Great post, Wilson. So right on!


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