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What It Takes To Be You


This week a friend of mine shared with me his challenge of hurting his friends. He said that sometimes he feels his energy is low, and then he starts making careless mistakes and hurting his friends by being forgetful and thoughtless. But when his energy is high, he always doing great things and making his friends happy. That’s when he feels truly like himself.

He said that he has had that pattern for many years, and he has been working hard to change that pattern so that he can be the real “himself”’ instead of doing things he’s not proud of.

I gave him this advice to help him: he should know what it takes to be him. For example, to be Wilson, to be Jane, to be Bob, etc. , whoever you are, it requires love, commitment, and consistency to be the real YOU. When you are unloving or unreliable or inconsistent, you feel bad about yourself, and you feel you should do better than that.

Everyone has a name, but to maintain your name shining takes a lot. It requires you to transcend your pride and other bad habits, which is not easy. But you do it for the benefit of others. When you do things which are hurting people, that’s not the real you! You are not living up to your own heart’s standards. The real you has very high standards.

I asked him to do what it takes to be the real himself, then he will be able to fix that pattern of hurting his friends; then he can maintain his name shining and his friends will be proud of him. He took that point so seriously and he shook my hand!

If you have an experience or something you would like to share with other people about what it takes to be the real you, please bring it out so that we can help each other.

35 thoughts on “What It Takes To Be You

  1. Very helpful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. It’s so much about caring and not beeing greedy. What you gives, you gets back in return. But to handle that, as you mention we have to be our own best friend first and really like ourselves, the way we are. A great post:)


  3. “When you do things which are hurting people, that’s not the real you!” This actually is the point. Who we are is love, since our spirit (who we really are) is a part of the divine. That means our true self is love. As long as your friend cannot connect with the love he is, he is not able to love others. We don’t get love, we don’t need to earn love. We only need to love ourselves. Btw. this is my Monday post of this week. If you want just check it out. Perhaps it helps your friend:

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  4. Hi Wilson thank you for like one of my post! It is my first time on your Blog here, you are doing a great job! In your post here, you gave your friend a great advice! I will add that he need to deeply love himself in order to be able to love others and not hurting since that state is not the real him! Sometimes people hurts others out of fears or insecurity because inside they are not happy with themselves he need to learn to love himself first. 🙂


  5. Hi Wilson, congratulations! I just want to let you know that I nominated you for Blog Tour Award here is my post


  6. I am an extreme empath, and a hair dresser, so I am around people all day standing on my feet. I have tried “grounding to mother earth” and “white light” neither is working for me, how do I solve this issue? Namestate Jackie

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    • Jackie, thank you for sharing your experience with me. As I wrote, it requires a lot to be you. For you to be the loving and giving person you are, you must be committed to bringing love in all situations. When a person is sad, you bring love to their sadness. When they are upset, you bring love to their upset. This is your solution.

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  7. This is inspiring


  8. Wilson, every time I come to your blog it makes me feel so good. You’re doing great work here. ~Steph


  9. Thank you for visiting my blog and for liking my poem Wilson. You have one of those ‘light up your face’ smiles and I can’t help but smile when I see your photo. Great post and advice to your friend. I am ‘following’ you and look forward to reading more of your work.


  10. Oops … my name is Wendy! 🙂


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