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Consistency is very important in each relationship. We all want consistency from our friends. Many people are hurting each other often due to lack of consistency in their relationships.

For example, many relationships fail because of moodiness. Some people argue a lot, this also one of the causes that can make their relationship inconsistent. People are unreliable because they don’t want to depend on each other; they want to do things how they feel without depending on others.

To maintain consistency in commitment is not easy when there’s not enough love. To be a consistent friend requires self-transcendence. We need to be understanding, forgiving, patient, trusting. We need to invest time and energy often for the good of our friendship. This isn’t easy. Also no one is perfect. We all hurt our friends’ feelings and irritate them sometimes. To be consistent means to love our friends even when it’s hard. Love is not a game, and it requires a lot sacrifice to have a better relationship. That’s why some people don’t value relationships or love, because they don’t want to be responsible.

Do you have experience about consistency? Please bring it out, we can discuss it here and help each other. Together we can help the world.

19 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. Wonderful post,,yes!! I do agree with you, together we can help to change the world..yes!! we can


  2. Absolutely true that if one person wants to be independent that can make for an inconsistency between the two people.


    • Yes, some people want to be independent. They want to do what they want to do, without considering others’ feelings. But you can’t be on the same page with your friend like that. Those people end up being having misunderstandings and hurting each other’s feelings.


  3. Constance is the hardest thing for most people and it is made the harder because of all the external pressures put upon them in the the increasingly frenetic world we live in. Personally I think the key to most relationships lies in tolerance and forgiveness. The tolerance to allow the other some latitude in being less than consistent (fracteous, moody, argumentative) and the forgiveness to back it up when things boil over. Of course it easy to write and much less easy to do!


    • I agree with you, but we do it as a sacrifice for the benefit of our relationships to make it work. Sometimes we accept difficulties for the sake of our friends. Which is not easy to do!
      And one difficulty I hope people will accept for their friends is the challenge of being consistent in this world. Because there are requirements for friendship. You can’t have a close friendship with a person who is not consistent.

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  4. Consistency to me is also being able to forgive a friend for being inconsistent and they are able to forgive/understand me when i am inconsistent. We both do not take it personally because it happens to us all. Part of being human, but can we give eachother space to that human and love that human.


    • True, forgiveness and understanding are the most important in all relationships to make it work. We also need our friends to understand that consistency is important. If our friends are always inconsistent, we can’t count on them. If we are inconsistent, they can’t count on us. But we want our friends to count on us, don’t we?

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  5. Also you have to love their quirks and their faults. Like the saying goes, ” no one is perfect “, and people need to keep that in mind. They also need to admit when they are wrong.


    • I agree with you no one is perfect, also we need to love people even if some of them are not consistent, still they need love. And we need to have hope that one time they might change their habit and be consistent. And still it is true, you can’t have a close friendship with a person who is inconsistent. That’s why it’s important for us to become consistent.


  6. Consistency is tough for all of us. We as humans tend to allow our emotions to run away with us. I do agree that those who can find some consistency in learning how to love others are able to build better and longer lasting relationships. I find these types of people, often put others before themselves.


    • I agree with you consistency is tough, because it requires commitment, forgiveness, understanding etc. You need to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Sometimes you do things you don’t feel like doing for the sake of the relationship. That’s what real love is.

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  7. Your absolutely right! Love your blog! 💜😊


  8. amazing……
    a real solution to many problems !!!


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