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Daily Challenges


Life is full of challenges, and we are facing those challenges each day in our lives. It is hard to face our challenges. When I was in Uganda, I talked to school children each week, and helped them face their challenges. When people have no one to talk to who can help them, it is very hard.

I have been talking to many people, and I see that everyone has problems, but many of them use drugs or other things to help them feel better, even though they don’t solve their problems. It’s a way to avoid being responsible, which doesn’t help, just creates more problems.

For example, if your dad always gave you money and you never had to get a job, you’d never become a healthy functional human being. If meditation can make a person feel better about a bad life, then they have no motivation to make a change.

It makes me wonder, if people don’t want to be responsible, where is the world heading? I hope we can work together and helping each other and solve our problems for the benefit of the entire world.

12 thoughts on “Daily Challenges

  1. You make some excellent points!

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  2. Let’s do work together to make that happen. I think apathy is the greatest thing we should work against, as individuals but in also trying to lift each other up. To make a difference in our general attitudes of what it means to care (and in a productive way).


    • Yes let’s do it, we can make a difference in the world. Do you have any specific idea how? Here is one idea: to be an example to others of taking responsibility in a good spirit. Do you like that suggestion? If you have any idea do not hesitate to share with me.

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  3. I think the breakdown of joint family system (atleast in India) has escalated problems. Teens & youth need a warm shoulder & sympathetic ear- and who better than grandparents ?
    The parents, alas, have too much work competition and related stress problems of their own.


  4. You make good points. Personal responsibility is the key to solving many problems. I’m dismayed by the number of people who alway try to let issues be someone else’s concern.
    Thanks also for the like on my travel blog.


  5. I really don’t like when people drink, smoke, or do drugs just to forget about that problems instead of facing them. Not only it’s harmful for them, it’s harmful for us too. A person who’s drunk doesn’t what they’re doing, they can totally change their mood, be really agressive, cause traffic accidents etc. If we are near people who smoke, we’re passive smokers which is equally dangerous like being an actual smoker. If you are doing drugs, you can also easily lose control over yourself, and do terrible things to yourself and people around you. A lot of poeple say weed is not dangerous, it’s just a plant. A carnivorous plant is also a plant. Just because it is a plant, it doesn’t mean it’s good. A thing which annoys me the most that even in mental hospitals you’re allowed to smoke outside. Like, you can’t drink and do drugs, but you can smoke. I think everyone should prevent and interfere with addictions, not to encourage them, but especially mental institutions. Sorry for the long comment, but I was so pissed off. Maybe I should do a rant about this topic on my blog.


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