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How I Got the Name Wilson


When I was born my parents gave me only one name, Agaba. It means giver. Recently, my daddy explained why he named me Agaba. He said my mom lost a kid, then both my parents believed that they are done having kids, but after awhile she got another kid. And later they got me! My daddy named me Agaba, meaning “giver,” because both of them were not expecting to have another kid. So that it was a gift from God. When my daddy shared with me this story I cried tears.

Also he told me that my mom surprised him when I was born. Both were working in the garden and my mom told him that she’s going home for few minutes, then she’ll be coming back and join him in the garden. Yet she was going to give birth at home! After giving birth to me she called my daddy to come home. When my daddy arrived home from the garden she showed him a baby! My daddy was so surprised.

When I was young, in my community we had an old man called Wilson who was kind and friendly to everyone. He had a garden of sugarcane and he was always allowing me to go and have the sugarcane I want from his garden.

He told me that whenever I want sugarcane do not hesitate to go in his garden and pick them.

He was so kind to each individual, I used to spend much time sharing with him about my problems, and he used to pay attention to me and gave me good advise how to be strong no matter how hard life is. And I was inspired to be like him, because he was a good man.

In Africa most of the people have one African name and one English name, but for me I had only an African name! When I reached eleven years old, I decided to have an English name. I went to the Church and asked the priest to baptize me with the name Wilson. I chose his name because he was an amazing man, and I loved his generosity and kindness. That’s the reason I decided Wilson to be my name.

Now I’m 37 years old. When I shared this story with my friend last week, she was so inspired and she told me to share the same story with people on my blog.

Do you like it? Enjoy reading it.

Wilson Agaba

29 thoughts on “How I Got the Name Wilson

  1. That’s really a nice story. Your friend is right. Thank you for sharing, dear Wilson Agaba.
    Have a nice Sunday 😉

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  2. How lovely that story is. I have four daughters and the eldest had two names but her little sisters all had three. When she was 8 years old and the youngest was born she said ‘its not fair all my sisters have 3 names and I only have 2’. So I suggested she choose a name for herself. Which she did. Scarlett. I don’t know why and nearly 20 years later, she doesn’t remember. But there is something really special about picking your own name – and yours, chosen for a wonderful man who was a great example is lovely. And of course ‘Giver’ is a beautiful sentiment from your parents. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    • Thank you for the wonderful story about your daughter. I write stories relating to ordinary things in life, and I am hoping those situations are familiar to other people. You were a good mother to your daughter, because you encouraged her to do something very really special, to pick her own name.

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  3. A story with heart and a gentle lesson.


  4. Clearly, God speaks through you Wilson Agaba!


  5. Everyone has good stories to tell…the story behind a piece of jewelry they own, the story of how they got their pet, how they arrived at their career choice, and so much more. You have a truly inspiring story about your name, and I want to thank you for sharing it with us. To me, your story is a gift. I loved it so much I read it twice and shared it with my husband.
    Thank you.


    • You are welcome. Your appreciation made me happy. Everyone loves appreciation. Your story is a story of appreciation of another person. That is a wonderful kind of story to share. It is uplifting to everyone. Thank you!


  6. What a beautiful story and a great way to repay someone who has been kind to you by taking his name.

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  7. I think the reasons for *both* of your names are very beautiful! 🙂 You are a surprise blessing to many of us, not just to your parents!


  8. Dear Wilson, I applaud unreservedly your selflessness, dignity, authenticity and generosity of soul, you are a beacon of light and hope in all things that we all would do well to treasure. So much so that I offer up prayers for you and ask the universe to support you in all of your future doings. For you’re not only changing your own world and personal vibration, but this planets vibration and for the better too. Therein; may your onward journey always be filled with joy, love and wisdom and equally may your companions always be of good and true heart too, sincere regards, Barry


    • Barry, thank you for your blessings. I read a little about you in your blog. I had a hard life too, and it made me stronger too. I followed what my mom told me. She told me to love people, and that’s what I’m doing. I see love is the solution for everything. Love heals. Whenever I had a challenge, I used love to solve it. Whenever someone came to me with a problem, I used love to solve it. It always works. This is my experience about love.

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  9. It’s amazing how your both names have such beautiful stories behind them! 🙂 I was named after my grandfather Zlatko, unfortunately I never had a chance to meet him because he died before I was born. And when he died, my mother was only 12 years old. I’m sad that I couldn’t meet him, but at least I have something from him, and that is my height. Only he was tall in my family, the rest is short. Love your post! 🙂


  10. Hi Wilson Agaba! What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing with us. Are you on Twitter or Instagram? I would love to follow you. What a giving heart you have, living up to your African name!


  11. What a great story! It’s such a great thing to have someone who inspires and gives you great advice! Makes you a better person!


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