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When someone does something wrong, it’s hard to want to forgive them. We feel justified in blaming them. It will help us to forgive them if we realize we are blaming them for something they didn’t do.

For example, if you are in traffic and someone behind is honking at you and wants you to go ahead which is impossible because someone is in front of you. The driver behind you is blaming you for making him or her late, but that is not your intention. You are waiting for the car in front of you. In our daily life we often feel hurt by people who are not trying to hurt us, so we are blaming them wrongly for hurting us. It was a mistake; we need to forgive them for making a mistake. Everyone make mistakes.

Still we have a lot of room for fixing that blaming habit for the benefit of others. If someone asks for forgiveness with a sincere heart and is ready to fix the mistake he or she made, we should accept his or her apology.

14 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I agree with you, Wilson. Forgiveness is very important for our well-being. We all make mistakes and often require others’ forgiveness. It might be difficult but it’s not impossible.


  2. The added benefit of forgiveness is the release we receive when letting go instead of hanging on to anger. I think it’s important also to remember that forgiveness, depending on the situation, sometimes is not a singular event but rather an ongoing one.


  3. Very good post and an important concept as we work towards world peace. Hugs, Barbara


  4. Back to re-read and thinking so nice these words are!


  5. Forgiveness is not as easy as it sounds. Very nice read.


  6. I think I needed this today, many people had hurt me in many ways, but this is true what you say, they are hurt as well, we must forgive to be happy and to give them happiness. Good post now you have a new friend from Mexico who lives in Texas, United States. do you do charity work I love to help.


    • Thank you for your comment. I’m glad my post helped you. Yes, I do charity work. When I was in Uganda I visited four schools and three communities each week, teaching them how to love and forgive and be responsible to each other. Love is the most important thing, more important than material things. I came to USA last year and I am still helping some of the students in various ways. I write to them and call them and my friends and I are sponsoring some of them. Some of the students I am helping are also continuing my mission in Uganda, teaching their friends how to love and be responsible. I am very proud of them.


  7. While I struggled with forgiving one of the men who raped and beat me I wrote about forgiveness in detail. If interested you can find those posts here: and and .

    Forgiveness is a powerful tool and is the only loving way to live. I have now forgiven all the men even the one who stole my face. He was the last of the five and the one most cruel to me: In his final days on this earth he saw kindness and forgiveness and his final days were spent with his family in love and not behind the cold bars of prison.

    Thank you for reminding me how important and powerful and necessary forgiveness is indeed.


    • Michelle, thank you so much for sharing with me your experience of forgiveness, you went through a lot of challenges! But your heart is still positive, this is really amazing. You are an inspiration. Your story will help other people who are facing similar challenges.

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