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My Childhood Gardening Teamwork


My Childhood Gardening Business

When I was 15 years old, I had gardens as my source of income to get school fees and to sustain my living expenses.

I used to plant beans and corn in a large garden. At the time I was a student, so I used to make a schedule for planting seeds and inform all my classmates the day on which I’m going to plant beans or corn so that they can come and help me. In return for their help, we all shared a meal from my garden.

Out of the whole class 25 students used to come and help me plant beans on a weekend, because on weekdays we had our regular classes and we didn’t want to skip any lesson. My friends loved to come because Saturday the school was closed, and then we had enough time to enjoy gardening.

We used to prepare our own food in a very big saucepan. We ate and told each other wonderful stories, making a lot of noise and getting things done in the garden. Because we used to spend the whole day gardening, we used to bring along all the things we might need, like drinking water, plates, and cups, to avoid wasting time.

Then after gardening all of them started asking me? “ When are we coming back again for our gardening party?” I used to tell them that we would keep in touch in class because I have to prepare the garden first to be ready for planting again. In those days I learned teamwork and commitment. My friends and I had a strong cooperation, and we were committed to get things done.

All the kids who used to help me are now grown up and have their own families, and we are still friends. When we meet each other we talk about our memories of gardening and sometimes we all cry tears.

I hope you enjoy this story.

Baby bean

Baby bean plant

Baby corn plants

Baby corn plant


16 thoughts on “My Childhood Gardening Teamwork

  1. Oh you are such a source of inspiration Wilson – if only there were people in the world like you! Thank you and God bless 🙂


    • I am so glad you like my stories about love, and you are supporting my mission of love, which is great. You know together we can make a difference in this world.


      • Thanks Wilson! I shared your site on twitter and I do so hope more people note and support the work you are doing. The world is a much better place because of people like you Wilson. Are you on twitter? I’d like to follow you. My twitter handle is @anjalideshp


      • Thank you Anjali for sharing my site on twitter and helping me to support my desire. I’m so happy because many people will be able to visit my site.
        This is very important to me, because I have been interested in sharing love with people. I am not on Twitter myself. You can follow me on my blog or write to me at


      • Thanks Wilson, will definitely do so! 🙂


  2. Hi Wilson, you have a love-ly blog here. Keep up the great job.



  3. Your work is so important, never stop~


  4. Thank you for encouraging me. I will never stop because it’s my desire.


  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. Its nice to meet you, and to read about your love mission to the world.
    The post on gardening really got me excited as I have a random project called the Care Africa Movement project in which I encourage people to make a Care Garden in their yard, by planting some seeds into the soil, – to provide for their food. and to make a Care Garden in their heart, by reading the Bible everyday, – to care for their soul. I believe that food is the answer to hunger and that is the pivotal place for poverty alleviation, and social development. Its a tiny tiny project at the moment, but I hope it will grow and reach all of Africa one day. Continue to sow your seeds of love, kindness and compassion.


    • I’m so happy you love my mission. The work you are doing is so important and the seed you’re planting in people’s hearts will remain in their heart and growing. We both know Africa has many problems and the solution comes from love. Love grows in the heart of people. Africa needs more people like you, to plant and care for the seed of love in people’s hearts. God bless you!


  6. Those are such beautiful memories of pulling on one string. Giving and receiving as it should be. So much love and mutual support. That touched me so much. Also it touched me how you worked for paying for your class. You are a shining spirit and we all are fortunate to have you here, Wilson 🙂


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