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Story about my mother

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When my mother was still alive, a lot of times I didn’t feel that I needed to take responsibility for things, and even when I was talking with her my mind was still immature.

But after she passed away I became much more mature because I felt the need to take responsibility in the family. For example, I started holding family meetings, sharing with my brothers and sisters what to do next, because it was a new life for all of us with many new challenges and this encouraged them to love each other and to stay in better touch with each other, even though we all used to live in different areas.

Since then I started thinking about what to do for the family and what to tell people in the meeting. I encouraged them to love each other, love other people, and find constructive solutions when my sisters were getting into conflicts. I started to become the main person who was making practical decisions to make sure that everything got handled and everyone in the family was taken care of.

I didn’t used to get along very well with my sister, but after my mom passed away, and I started to hold the family meetings and talk about love and taking care of others, she started to speak up and participate. She started asking me about my life and how I was doing with sincere interest and care. Our relationship got much closer as a result.

I started to be more responsible in the family and I gained a lot of experience in helping people because of that.

Sometimes we face challenges in life, and we got a lot of experience through those challenges, which helped us to get stronger and be able to help other people who are experiencing the same difficulties.

In this way, we transformed what was purely a tragic event into something that helped us and other people grow and move forward.

Anyone can do this with enough love, courage, and hope for better relationships.

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